etienne-van-de-kerkhoveEtienne Van de Kerkhove – Chief Executive Officer I.R.I.S. Group S.A since June 2000, (listed on Euronext Brussels), an industry leader in Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR) technologies and products, enterprise content management (ECM) solutions and optimized IT infrastructure (ICT).

From May 1999 at the initial public offering (IPO) until May 2000, I was CFO of I.R.I.S. in charge of corporate finance, administration, human resources and IT.

Education : Business engineer, Solvay Brussels School for Economics and Management – Brussels University (U.L.B.), Master in Tax management, Solvay Brussels School for Economics and Management – Brussels University (U.L.B.)

In 10 years time, I.R.I.S. grew from 6 to 120 million euro in sales, and from 40 to 550 staff, with operations in 10 countries (USA, Europe, China), individual users of I.R.I.S. technology in all continents and corporate users throughout Europe. I.R.I.S. has become a recognized technological leader, delivering strong results with a solid balance sheet (no debt).

« I like transforming ambitious projects into extraordinary success with solid foundations. To achieve this, I use my strong financial background and my ability to catalyze my managers’ talent and energy towards growing a profitable and sustainable business. »

  • Experience :From the start-up in October 1989 (in partnership with Eric Domb) until May 1999, I was the Managing Director of Stratefi, a Brussels-based consulting business aiming at being the SME business leaders’ preferred partner to manage financial, tax and accounting issues to allow them to focus on their sales and operations.After graduating, I started my own business as a financial consultant in the field of international tax leasing, with Econocom as main customer. In 1989, I transferred this business to Stratefi.

    Since May 2008, I am an independent member of the Board of Artexis, the Belgian leader in providing « Ultimate meeting & marketplaces » : management of exhibition halls and conference centers, and organization of trade fairs.

    Since August 2007, I am an independent member of the Board of Evadix, one of Belgium’s leading rotative printing businesses, with specialized direct marketing services and a plant in Romania specialized in polyethylen extrusion and flexography.

  • « Entrepreneur of the year 2002 »
    Awarded by Ernst&Young and financial newspaper l’Echo